GroupPay Inc. Is a Toronto Based Blockchain Start-Up

With The Mission To Simplify Real-Time Blockchain processes.

GroupPay started as just an idea by it’s founder Sammy Jarquin. The concept came from understanding that the blockchain is here to stay. Making transactions easy using crypto currencies, saves billions of dollars in transactions between users, businesses, and secures complicated transactions that would normally take weeks, in to just hours.

While GroupPay (Group Pay) is still in it’s infancy, the response has been great from the financial industry. As GroupPay remains very secretive on the way blockchain transactions happen. It has done very well in gathering the required backing to start trials in the near future.

Company Values


There is no time to waste while waiting to settle up.


Utilizing tools that allow GroupPay to be as efficient as possible to enhance your experience.


When we are LIVE, support will be there for you every step of the way.


Walking into bed knowing that nothing was left unsettled.

Toronto Headquarters

10 Bellair St,  Suite 511
Toronto, ON M5R 3T8

Mexico Getaway

Bahia de Petempich MZ
31 Lote14-02, SM 12, 77580
Benito Juarez, Q.R., Mexico